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About Me

Whitney | Making the Most Blog

Hi, I’m Whitney! Let me introduce myself:

I am, first and foremost, an imperfect child of God
who daily strives to understand God’s grace and who seeks to share
that grace with others. I do this by encouraging women through my blog here at Making the Most.

Though my first priority is as owner and blogger at Making the Most, I also enjoy speaking publicly about my knowledge and experiences in hopes that I might share with others the hope that comes with the light of Christ.

My husband and I make our home with two daughters (ages 6 and 9), a dog, a cat, and a fish. Apart from typical busy family activities, I enjoy church functions and attending weekly Bible studies, as well as all things books, music, and art.

About Making the Most:

Making the Most is a faith-focused lifestyle blog that seeks to encourage women and that shares ideas for the purpose of helping others make the most of their everyday lives.

Making the Most strives to encourage others to seek value in every area of life–especially in interpersonal relationships and in the mundane tasks that sometimes come along with taking care of homes and families. In order to fulfill my mission, I provide recipes, activities, crafts, and DIY projects, with a focus on inexpensive (or free) materials, family-friendly topics, healthy alternatives to big brands, and especially encouragement for the everyday woman (though men are allowed too!).

Most importantly, I believe that no one should have to struggle through their circumstances alone. Making the Most reflects the importance of encouraging one another and seeking the value of everyday life together.

What Making the Most is NOT About:

Making the Most is about seeking value in everyday life. While value sometimes may be synonymous with personal finance, I don’t claim to be a personal finance professional, and I don’t post deals and coupons. That being said, I love sharing ideas with you that can be inexpensive or free, which may include a free printable or free deals that fit within my mission from time to time. Personal finance is very important, as throughout our lives we will need to borrow to get items we seriously need such as buying a car. If you are paying back any of these personal loans you can use a personal loan calculator from SoFi to help you with it! Making the Most is also not about negativity but instead about finding the positive in life or in potentially negative situations. Please consider this when posting or responding to comments.

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