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Anything: A Book Review

Anything: A Book Review | Making the Most Blog

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I recently finished my second Jennie Allen book.  After reading Restless at the beginning of this year (I think it was this year anyway), I was excited to read another of Jennie’s books, this one called Anything.  Anything was originally published in 2012 but was re-released this year on June 9 to include a new introduction as well as an added Bible study component.

Anything is partly a story and partly a guide to following God’s calling on your life.  It all begins with a prayer between Jennie and her husband and God in which they tell God they will do “anything” He calls them to do.

Anything is a story of the ups and downs that sometimes follow us when we accept God’s calling into our lives.  It’s about the hard spaces.  The shared spaces.  The best spaces.  And the spaces in between.  But mostly it’s an encouragement that regardless of the cost, the rewards to following God’s calling on your life are worth it.  These rewards are eternal.

Although I had a hard time getting into the book, as I continued along, I enjoyed reading Jennie’s story more and more.  Although this is a story about her calling and her decision to follow God’s plan, there were times when I so identified what she was saying that I wanted to reach out and call her sister (but that would be weird, right?).  I always love the easy-to-read conversational flow of Jennie’s words.

So I urge you to pick up this book.  Whether you have a rocky start or you don’t know what I’m talking about, press further into the book.  Find a place to identify with Jennie, and when you are finished, I hope you will praying “Anything” to God too.

Whitney Wagner

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