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Avoid the Summer Slide: Review Packets Worth Investing In – Part 2

If you’ve been a loyal follower for a while, you have probably had the opportunity to check out my post from last summer entitled Avoid the Summer Slide: Review Packets Worth Investing In.  Just to review, I emphasized the importance of avoiding the “summer slide”–the loss in knowledge that occurs over summer break due to lack of continued review and stimulation.  Because of that, we spend so much more time in school reviewing concepts when we could be moving forward.  Here at Making the Most, we try to keep the summer slide at bay by investing in some inexpensive review packets from Teachers Pay Teachers.  By clicking on the link above you can check out the packets we used last year.  This year, we are using the following packets:

Ready Made for 3rd Grade by Lyndsey Kuster at A Year of Many Firsts | Making the Most Blog

Since Rapunzel is entering 3rd grade, we decided on this “Ready Made for 3rd Grade” packet made by Lyndsey Kuster at A Year of Many Firsts.  I really thought her “Ready Made for 2nd Grade” packet that we used last year covered everything we needed covered without becoming overwhelming.  This packet seems as though it will be just as good.

Summer Learning Pack by K-3 Connection | Making the Most Blog

We selected this Summer Learning Pack from K-3 Connection for Princess Anna, who is entering first grade.  It looks like it will be very similar to the “Ready Made” series, covering a couple of different topics on each worksheet, with good review but not too overwhelming.  At the end of the summer, I’ll be able to give you a more comprehensive review of this packet.

What are some of your favorite summer homework (excuse me…LEARNING) packets?




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