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The Best Free Android Apps for Kids (According to us!)

If you haven’t already noticed, there is a plethora of apps out there nowadays. There is so much choice when it comes to what platform to use to download apps and software for your PC’s, iPads etc. Being able to download free software which offers great games and entertaining website access for the kids is so important. I was recommended by a friend to search up websites such as Freewares at Fileproton that offer free software and apps, perfect for those days that need a little help when it comes to entertaining the children! So many people are using tablets, touch-screen phones, iPods, and other devices and there are so many choices for apps! Educational apps, game apps, potty training apps (yes, I’ve used this one!), good apps, average apps…you get the idea. But the most amazing part is most of these apps have convincing advertisements. Advertisements that can make you download these apps. I have some friends who are app builders and they have given me such exciting information on how there are so many apps, which are getting popular every day. I was amazed to know that while some brands might promote their apps, others tend to take help of some of the best app monetization platform varieties like AdAction. Anyways, this might be one of the several reasons why we get to see new app trends everyday!

Well if you’re like me, you can’t just spend oodles of money on apps for yourself, let a lone your kids!

If you’re having trouble deciding and want to keep things at a minimal cost, here’s what we recommend:

Coloring Book App and Coloring Book 2 (Lite) App

ColoringBook and ColoringBook 2 (lite)
Coloring Books: What more can you ask for? Pick a picture and color away!

Fish Farts Kids
Fish Farts Kids AppNo, I’m not kidding. My kids will sit there for at least 5 minutes (many times longer than that!) playing this game. Pop the bubbles or press the fish to make them fart for points.

Kid Mode
Kid Mode AppThis is by far my favorite app! Set safety features, change preferences. Tons of games and videos tailored for the age of your child. They can even send you video messages and vice versa at no cost! Limit which characters your child can view and read more books for a nominal price. My kids would play for hours on this app if I’d let them.

Kindergarten Math Lite
Kindergarten Math (Lite) AppThis is a very simple game and not really attractive, but it helps teach younger children about adding, money, and various other math skills. Rapunzel loves this app.

Littlest Pet Shop
Littlest Pet Shop AppI don’t really like this game for me, but my kids love it! They can pet, feed, and play with the animals, buy new animals, buy new homes. I just make sure they don’t buy anything with real money. My little girls are always bugging me to play this one.

My Little Pony
My Little Pony appThis is actually one of my favorite apps, and I play it all the time. Sad, but true. I won’t let the kids play this one because they spend my coins. (Terrible mom, I know.) When I did let them play this one, they did love it. Rapunzel likes to play “ball” with the ponies the best. Oh, and spend my coins.

Piano Perfect App

Piano Perfect
Simple, yet entertaining. Kids can press the keys or play along with a song–without banging on the keys (that’s the best part)!

Sight Words AppSight Words
Another simple app, this one shows sight words. Better than flipping cards, if you ask me!

Sudoku Fun
Sudoku Fun AppThis game is seriously addicting! When I first played it, Prince Charming couldn’t understand why I couldn’t stop playing–but there are so many levels, you just can’t help but beat them all. He finally downloaded the app, and now he’s worse than I am! If you like Sudoku, this is a good one. Older kids love it as well. Best of all, if you bomb a level, you can do it over. :)

Unblock Car
Unblock Car AppThis is another app that can keep you going for quite a while. Move the cars around to make way so you can get your car out of the parking lot. Use as few moves as possible. This one is also good for the older kids.

What’s your favorite free app?

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