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DIY Homework Caddy

Let me just start by saying that this DIY Homework Caddy has been a lifesaver at our house. We don't really have room in our house for an extra desk for the kids to work at, so they have to do their schoolwork at the kitchen table. Before I put together these caddies, cleaning up the mess after the kids were done their work was just a nightmare. You know--glue sticks, crayons, pencils all over the table--and no where really to put them. And of course, having limited funds, we were looking for some very inexpensive items to make our…

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Summer Rules: Aiming for a Meaningful Summer

Do you make your kids work of over summer break? I do. But it's not what you think. I'm not breaking any child labor laws--don't worry. :) What I'm talking about is not making my kids earn an extra buck here and there (although they do like to do that at Grandma's house!). Instead, it's about teaching them the value of hard work, avoiding summer learning loss, and teaching them that it's not okay to be lazy. I usually have to go round after them doing everything again as they're not as thorough as I like to be, for example…

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Avoid the Summer Slide: Review Packets Worth Investing In – Part 2

If you've been a loyal follower for a while, you have probably had the opportunity to check out my post from last summer entitled Avoid the Summer Slide: Review Packets Worth Investing In.  Just to review, I emphasized the importance of avoiding the "summer slide"--the loss in knowledge that occurs over summer break due to lack of continued review and stimulation.  Because of that, we spend so much more time in school reviewing concepts when we could be moving forward.  Here at Making the Most, we try to keep the summer slide at bay by investing in some inexpensive review packets…

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65 (FUN!) Summer Activities for Kids

Welcome to Work-in-Progress Wednesday. I'll be your Summer Activities Consultant for today. When I say "Summer Activities Consultant," that's what I feel like. Granted, that job isn't necessarily full time. I've spent some time here and there over the past few months trying to figure out how I'm going to keep the kids busy over the summer like an American whitewater expedition or something alike, and I think (at least for now!) I have a pretty good handle on how things are going to go. We are looking to sort out piano lessons soon too, as we've heard there are…

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4 Reasons I Take My Kids to Work

Well if you don't already know, Take Your Child to Work Day is next week.  I had completely forgotten about this concept until I got married, and my husband's daughters went with their mom to work.  Now that my oldest daughter is 8, she gets to participate as well.  Right now I'm working on a schedule for her day at home as well as a questionnaire that will help her get the most out of her day with me. I've seen a lot of opinions for and against Take Your Child to Work Day.  If you're against it, fine.  If…

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