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Avoid the Summer Slide: Review Packets Worth Investing In – Part 2

If you've been a loyal follower for a while, you have probably had the opportunity to check out my post from last summer entitled Avoid the Summer Slide: Review Packets Worth Investing In.  Just to review, I emphasized the importance of avoiding the "summer slide"--the loss in knowledge that occurs over summer break due to lack of continued review and stimulation.  Because of that, we spend so much more time in school reviewing concepts when we could be moving forward.  Here at Making the Most, we try to keep the summer slide at bay by investing in some inexpensive review packets…

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Let’s All Be Brave: A Book Review

Just this past fall, I had the opportunity to participate in my first Bloom book study.  Lucky for me, because we read Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs. Let me just say… LOVE LOVE LOVE! I cannot say enough things about this book.  And none of them are negative. So if you were hoping for a negative review…sorry.  You’re not getting one. Many of you know that I am currently on a journey that came out of 12 years of ignoring God’s calling.  Part of the push that led me to step about and follow with blind faith…

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Work-in-Progress Wednesday: A Finished Product

Today, I'm excited to announce that my "Work-in-Progress Wednesday" includes a completed project!  What I really wanted to share with you isn't the highest quality video, but it's the first of (hopefully) many speaking engagements I hope to get into and I wanted you to be the very first to see it! This particular selection focused on God's will and how we go about discerning God's will for our lives.  I spoke at my home church and received some great feedback.  I hope you get some good insight out of it as well!  Enjoy!

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Uncle Tom’s List

Today I'm feeling a bit down.  Not on the outside of course, but there's just a damper on my heart that's bringing me down.  It's just that there was an accident this weekend, which killed a friend of my stepdaughters.  She was in high school.  While we weren't close to her family, as a mom, you just can't help but to feel sad.  For her family.  For the situation.  For the loss of potential.  For the loss of a vibrant life.  And I sit here wishing I could help but not knowing how.  There just aren't words. This all just…

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I'm so excited to offer all of my readers a great Black Friday sale!  This sale will actually run all weekend and into Monday, so take advantage of it while you can!  I am offering EVERYTHING in my Etsy shop for 50% off.  That means Disney Frozen invitations and thank you notes AS WELL AS my brand new planner printables!  So hop on over to my Etsy shop at and enter the code ITSCHRISTMASTIME to get your items for 50% off. Hope to see you over there!

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