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I Am a Work-in-Progress

I Am a Work-in-Progress | Making the Most Blog

Sometimes when I write my Wednesday Work-in-Progress posts, I’m afraid I’m boring all of you to tears.

Sometimes when I post–anything, really–I wonder if I’m just talking to myself.  Is anybody listening?

I know we’re only three quarters of the way through the year, but I feel like my entire life has been a work in progress this year.  It’s a constant battle between God’s will and temptation, pressing on or giving up.

On weeks like this week (or even the past two weeks) I wonder if I should just throw in the towel.  Kids seem to be sick all the time.  If they’re not sick, they’re injured.  If they’re not sick or injured, I am (ha!).  Doctors appointments that have to be made the whole way across the county.  Picking up kids for school, appointments, fevers, meetings, events–it gets overwhelming when you’re trying to piece together what God wants for your life.

But like I said yesterday, this blog, the book–they’re my purpose.  My kids, my family–my purpose.

And what I find is constantly a work in progress is myself.  Trying to be a better mother, a better step mom, and a better wife.  None of us are perfect, you know.

And because I fight depression, it takes extra effort for me to think positive.  But this week I’m focusing on putting on my armor in the morning.  And confessing the positives each day as well as God’s word to try to turn my day around.  Things like:

  • “I am a good mom.  I am a good wife.  I am a good step mom.”
  • “Satan does not live in me; Jesus does.  I can and do choose to take care of His temple today.”
  • “All my needs are met in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19)
  • “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13)
  • “I live victoriously and have authority over Satan.” (Luke 10:19)
  • “The Lord will withhold no good thing from me.” (Psalm 84:11)
  • “No words spoken against me will prosper.” (Isaiah 54:17)
  • “I have joy.” (Ecclesiastes 2:26)
  • “I do not worry or have fear.” (2 Timothy 1:7)
  • “I am successful.” (Joshua 1:8)

Today I am a better mother, because I take care of my daughter when she is home sick from school.  I am a better step mom, because I listen to my step daughters.  I am a better wife, because I have made it a point to pray for my husband’s business.

I think Satan throws everything he can in our way to deter us from being positive and persisting in God’s walk for us.  Things like other people’s opinions.  Things like the kids being sick so we can’t make it to Bible study (this was me yesterday).  Things like doubt that anybody is paying attention to us.  Thank goodness for husbands that remind us not to listen to the devil’s lies.  Thank goodness for friends that pick up frozen deliciousness when you need it.  Thank goodness for books like Happiness by Randy Alcorn that drop into your Kindle account when you need it the most.

Thank goodness for the opportunities that God gives us to make us better.

How are you staying positive today?  What opportunities has God given you to make you better?  I’d love for you to share in the comments.

Whitney Wagner

Hi, I'm Whitney! Wife to Prince Charming and mom of two gorgeous girls, I am also an author, speaker, and Jesus follower. I love writing, books, bags, and all things creative.

Making the Most exists so that I can share with you how we make the most of what we have and the most of each day we've been given with the hope that you can make the most of what you have too.

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