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Monthly Cleaning Checklist {FREE PRINTABLE!}

FREE Monthly Cleaning Checklist Printable | Making the Most Blog

My goal for Tuesdays this year is for “Tips and Tricks”. Today I wanted to post a free printable along with it! At the end of 2014 (I know, it wasn’t that long ago…), I was browsing through some month-by-month cleaning lists. Most of them were cute, but not realistic for me. Either they didn’t call for cleaning the kitchen quite as much as I thought was necessary or they required way more than humanly possible.

So I took what I liked from each of them and made what I believe is a more realistic month-by-month cleaning list. In fact, we’re only mid-way through the month and I’ve taken care of all of January’s items (except the kids and I need to work on their room).

Some of the months get somewhat extensive cleaning, which is when I would call in the reinforcements (i.e. the kids) if you don’t already. Months, where I need to clean the old cabinet doors, can be a little tough so having help is key! Teamwork will make these chores so much easier! But all of these items are things that just need to be done. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who puts them off!

I have to be honest with you, when it comes to getting the household cleaning done, there are definitely times when I wish we could hire a Housekeeper to take care of the house for us!

My best friend has a housekeeper and her home is always so clean, bright, and shiny. For now, though, it looks like I will have to stick to writing a cleaning checklist and delegating tasks to my little helpers!

Ultimately, my goal was to be able to take care of all of the items on the list without freaking out once a year by trying to do it all at once. This breaks everything up into chunks to make things a little easier but also reminds you what should be cleaned more than once a year.

I hope this list works for you! What are your tips and tricks this Tuesday?

Access your FREE month-by-month cleaning checklist HERE!

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