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Planning for Summer: Play Dates

Less than a week ago, after picking up Princess Anna from preschool, she announced from the backseat that this summer, after camp and after her birthday could she have a sleepover at her friends house? And could she play at her friend’s house? Because she would have fun.

Now a planned out family summer is fun and all, but sometimes kids just need time to blow off steam with their friends. Her preschool friend doesn’t live quite as close to us as some of her other friends, but even last summer we made sure they had plenty of time just to play.

That being said, one of the first things I wanted to do when planning this summer was to include her friends. Last year we had an absolutely wonderful time during spa day, so we wanted to make sure they were included in that. Craft day was also a hit, and they were there that day also. And of course a play date here and there. They will also have that sleepover together soon, although I am a little worried about this. It’s always a big thing when you’re child spends their first night away at a friends house. I would like to get her a new onesie or something to treat her – I know sleepover fashion isn’t important at that age but there’s no denying she would standout by wearing this. I guess she will get the final say on it though.

Now that I have her friend’s vacation schedule, I know when to plan the activities that they won’t want to miss!
But don’t let the play date schedule run your summer. You still need time to unwind, and you still need family time. We’ll shoot for play dates every other week maybe, and I think that should be a good balance.

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