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Sometimes You Just Need a Day Off

For those working Momma’s out there…sometimes…(and I hope you realize it) you just need a day off. If I share anything in common with any of the other working moms out there in the world, I could probably bet that many of you hate taking a day off. For some of you, it just means there’s that much to catch up on when you get back to work. For others, it might mean that you’re short on pay for a day. I have been both of those. The latter is a real issue whether you’re a working mother or not; there are times when everyone needs to stay home, whether you need a mental health day or you have an injury that prevents you from being able to get to work. However, the idea of not being paid during this time can make people push themselves to work when really they need time to heal. This is the same for all industries too, even doctors need time off! Imagine if you developed something as debilitating as a long term disability and how stressful this would be in terms of loss of earnings. Luckily you can get insurance, such as doctor disability insurance, that prepares you for this possibility. So if you’re completely reliant on your income from your job, it’s something you should definitely look into.

But really, no matter what your situation (and I can say this, because I’ve worked full time, stayed at home, and worked part time–sometimes all at the same time and sometimes at different times–at some point in my life), you JUST NEED TO TAKE A DAY OFF.

What prompted me to write this today was Wednesday. I drove all the way over to work only to realize that I forgot my key. And being the only employee with official hours on Wednesday this week (I work at a small church), there just wasn’t anyone to let me in. As I drove back home to get my key, I tossed around different scenerios in my head. When would I make up that forty minutes I just lost? Do I just call it a day? Do I work late? After weighing my options, I just decided to call in. (Please keep in mind that you can’t just take off whenever you want–unless, of course, you are your own boss–but check in with the boss first to make sure it’s approved!)

Now back to WHY I needed the day off: I made the mistake earlier this week of thinking my workload this week had lightened since Easter. Not so much. Since I try to save as much money as possible by shopping at different places depending on deals and coupons, I had several places to go. I had meat to separate in the basement refrigerator (we buy in bulk), Sunday School items to prepare, among other things to take care of. So i took the morning to prepare my lists and head out to the various stores.

Thank goodness I did, or I never would have gotten everything done!

If you’re behind at home, and it’s stressing you out; if it’s affecting your mood; if you’re just worn down; if you just need one day without someone needing you every second…find a babysitter, call in sick…just take the day off. Your kids (and probably your husband, if you have one) will thank you for it.

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