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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Super Summer (2015) Calendar! Finished Product & FREE PRINTABLE!

Well I’m SO excited today to be finished with my summer calendar!  I really wanted to post it last week but after my step daughter found out about some new information about the fall soccer season, I had to move a lot of things around.  I hope you agree that the final product looks much better than the Work-in-Progress version!

I have also included the blank versions of each month’s page, so you can use this cute FREE PRINTABLE for your summer calendar as well!  Click here for the PDF version of the blank pages.

Once again, this summer we are doing plenty of reading and letterboxing as well as our usual fun days, fairs, etc.  We also have a vacation squeezed in amongst sports games, open field practices, etiquette class, and other programs.  I didn’t plan any theme days this year, because I wanted our time in between all of the busy-ness to be open to pretty much whatever.  I also have some summer packets that I will be posting next week that the kids will be working on, I want to start them on journaling, and you’ll also notice on the calendar a couple of campouts by request of Princess Anna.

Overall, it will once again be a full summer but  not as regimented as before with a lot of room for spontaneity.   Check it out and let me know what you think!

Well, without further ado, here’s how it turned out:

Super Summer 2015 Activity Calendar - June


Super Summer 2015 Activity Calendar - July

Super Summer 2015 Activity Calendar - August


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