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Work in Progress Wednesday: 31 Days to a Clean House

Work-in-Progress Wednesday: Financial Management Binder | Making the Most BlogOkay, I have to say I just got really distracted by the fact that my blog platform now offers scheduled posts, and I am happier than the happiest clam. You know you’re a blogger…

…anyway, the real reason I’m writing today. It’s Work in Progress Wednesday! I always feel like I have a thousand projects, but they’re boring little household things that probably will put you to sleep. Or you’ll just commiserate. Or both.

But this week I’ve been focusing a little bit more on my 31 Days to a Clean House project. Click on that link to get to the free printable I’m using this month.

I’m going to be honest and admit that I skipped a whole lot of stuff just because they’re already on my monthly cleaning checklist, and I don’t care to duplicate my efforts if I don’t have to. If you’re a mom, you know what I mean. It’s enough just to try to keep the floor clean. Especially when you have snow days. Know what I mean? I did think to myself, especially after finding out my friend had hired a cleaner, why don’t I get some help? I probably could, and Simply Maid says they can send over a trusted cleaner to help, for example, so it may be worth me looking for a firm to help with the jobs I ‘accidentally’ missed off.

I did clean the microwave though. It’s been a while, and it was gross. I also took some rubbing alcohol and a rag and wiped down the window sills upstairs. What a difference that made! Don’t forget about the outside of your house as well. You need to clean your Majestic Designs Ltd windows. I’ll be the first to admit that, although I would like to do this myself, I don’t have nearly enough of the right equipment for it. Instead, I’m going to leave that to the professionals at Shine Windows. At least, for now, I know I’ve made a dent in things. Whilst we are on the topic of outside, remember the gutters! This is also tough to do if you don’t have the right equipment, so you should probably check out these gutter and eaves cleaning services. I have also dusted the corners around the house, dusted and vacuumed vents, wiped doorknobs and switch plates–you know, those things we don’t think about…GROSS!–cleaned the bedrooms (on my monthly cleaning checklist), and wiped down the kitchen. All I have left are the bathrooms and the downstairs window sills.

How about you? What are you working on today?

Whitney Wagner

Hi, I'm Whitney! Wife to Prince Charming and mom of two gorgeous girls, I am also an author, speaker, and Jesus follower. I love writing, books, bags, and all things creative.

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