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Work-in-Progress Wednesday: Peaceful Thinking

Work-in-Progress Wednesday | Making the Most BlogThis month we’ve really been feeling the pain of busy-ness that is back-to-school and sports and football games and other miscellaneous STUFF that comes with the fall months.  Last week was busy, and this week is no different.  So this is where you find me today on Work-in-Progress Wednesday.  Stuck in the busy-ness of life and just trying to catch up a little bit.  From this:

On Monday, Rapunzel had to get a tooth pulled (poor kid), so we spent probably TWO HOURS at the dentist (they were running behind).  We rushed from there to the Halloween parade, because the kids look forward to it every year.  (And man is that the longest parade EVER.)  Yesterday, Rapunzel had basketball tryouts.  (Eek!  Basketball tryouts for little kids?!?!?!?)  Tonight, as always, is church.  Tomorrow is our last field hockey practice.  Friday is a football game.  Saturday I am taking our family’s fall photos.

Right about now, I am looking forward to at least one week in November when we can just chill on at least one evening other than Friday, though as is often the story of my life, nothing generally goes as planned.  It’s nice to think about anyway.

So since it’s the last week of October (already?!?!?!?), and things seem to be going around in whirlwind style, take a moment to look forward to any warm and fuzzy peace-filled moments you are looking toward in November.  Here’s what I look forward to:

  • Celebrating family birthdays with the in-laws
  • Possibly taking my other sister-in-laws’ family photos
  • Thanksgiving: family (and good food!)
  • A Thirty-One party
  • 3 weeks of Bible study
  • FINISHING MY BOOK!!  Woohoo!
  • That being said, prayerfully considering what the next chapter of my life holds

What are you looking forward to in November?  I’d love for you to share in the comments below.

Whitney Wagner

Hi, I'm Whitney! Wife to Prince Charming and mom of two gorgeous girls, I am also an author, speaker, and Jesus follower. I love writing, books, bags, and all things creative.

Making the Most exists so that I can share with you how we make the most of what we have and the most of each day we've been given with the hope that you can make the most of what you have too.

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